“John K. is an exceptional professional. He understands the business of real estate and the subtleties of the human interactions involved better than any other agent I have met.”

Our home is the foundation of family and much of our lives. Because of this, choosing a real estate agent is a very personal endeavor. It’s important to find someone that understands you, your lifestyle and your unique requirements in a home. You need to trust their capabilities and professionalism. You need to find someone with whom you connect, as this person will be assisting you in one of life’s biggest decisions.

Here is some information about me that will hopefully help with your choice.

John Kavaliauskas grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He spent some time in “Corporate America” in marketing, program management, and project management. Eventually, John realized that how important it was for him to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives and found Real Estate to be the perfect fit. John began the transition as a Marketing Director for one of the largest national home builders in America. During his time there, he marketed and helped thousands of families find their dream home in their dream location. Real Estate allows him to use his skills, knowledge and expertise while connecting with and helping people on a very personal level. For John, nothing is more rewarding.

The Gulf Coast offers an amazing diversity that keeps it fresh and exciting, even after calling it home for many years. John is also a travel enthusiast. He loves experiencing the culture, architecture, art and food around the world. Travel is one of his passions and he has a lengthy list of exotic places he plans to explore with his wife, Nicole. John lives on St. Pete Beach with Nicole and two children, Gabrielle and Jonas. John and his family chose this area for its small town charm, beautiful beaches, waterways and friendly neighbors.

John is impelled to ensure his clients get the perfect home for them at the best price possible. His marketing skills are second to none in the local area. As a real estate agent, marketing is a critical skill. John attended the esteemed Walsh College and obtained a Masters in Marketing Degree. This diverse, global program offers courses that focus on marketing and leadership. Just a handful of Real Estate Agents across the country have invested in their skillset and careers to this level.

John’s education and diverse experience comes in handy. It allows him to identify and utilize technology that effectively streamlines much of the complex real estate process. This gives his clients a better overall experience when buying or selling a home.

Continuing his education and staying involved in the Gulf Coast Real Estate Agent community is extremely important to John. Both allow him to offer an elevated level of service and expertise to the people who trust him to be their agent.

John hopes he will have the opportunity to do the same and to put the expertise of his team to work for you.